So who are we?

Yeah, who’s this dude who thinks he can tell us what he thinks about music?

Basically, I’m Paul, and I’m a bit like Zaphod Beeblebrox. Only with just the one head. And one less arm.

As Zaphod’s brain specialist once famously said:

“Zaphod? He’s just this guy, you know?”

And that’s me. Just a guy who happens to have spent pretty much his entire life listing to music of all kinds. And then telling people what he thinks when they ask him.

Together with a growing group of contributory writers like Lee and our stateside writer John, we listen to music, watch bands play, and then write what we think – no sugar coating, no false publicity – the raw truth. If you stink, we’ll say so. which means if we say you’re awesome, you can believe it.

It’s worth mentioning that we all do this for fun, alongside day jobs. So sometimes it might take a little while for a review to get posted, but we will review everything!

You won’t agree with everything we say. That’s life. That’s music. But it’ll make an impression.

A Sound Impression…

Oh – and remember, any comments posted against reviews – positive or negative – do not necessarily represent the views of the music blogger… 🙂

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