Saint Apache – Wolf Machine EP

Saint Apache used to feel like the result of what happens when Deep Purple meets Thin Lizzy who then get smashed together and end up shagging Johnny Rotten, who just happened to be on his way back from a Royal Blood gig!

We’ve been listening to their upcoming EP “Wolf Machine”, which recently tumbled into our inbox and is out on July 21st.

Now, this is still a band in its infancy. Yes, it’s raw and it’s visceral but, unlike their last EP, where the songs came from the ‘Call & response’ style of interplay between singer (Thom) and band (Leo – Guitar; Luis -Bass, and Adam – Drums), with Wolf Machine I feel they have developed and matured a bit.

wolf machine 1

They sound fuller and louder, and the pace of these four songs doesn’t let up. They’re still working to formula, however and I’d like to hear something more vocally & lyrically ambitious to match the bite of the band.

They’re upping their game and this is a definite step in the right direction. I feel they’ll be around for a while.

Track listing:

  • You’re Not A Slave
  • The Story Doesn’t End Here
  • Half Way Dead
  • Wolf Machine

For more information on the band and their new EP release, visit their Facebook page at

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