Black Cat Bones – False Promises And Wasted Time EP

Black Cat Bones are a five piece band from Liverpool, looking to show that the UK, and specifically their home town, is still the place to look for new bands destined to set the world alight. I seem to recall another combo came from their neck of the woods a few years back…

I’m not saying that Black Cat Bones are in the same league as The Beatles, but they are at least in the same city, and they also deliver a solid sound true to their roots.

False Promises And Wasted Time is the band’s debut EP. You’ll find well-matched, driving guitars coupled with a tight, compact rhythm section where the bass and drums mesh seamlessly. You’ll find well defined lyrics pushed out with energy and intelligence.

Let me expand on that last point a little, because it might seem a little strange talking about hard rock bands and intelligence in the same sentence. Trust me – I’ve heard enough to know it’s a rare thing.

Too many rock bands this day rely simply on the singer’s ability to hit the back wall as hard as his tonsils will let him. Clever performers know that the important thing isn’t what leaves the speakers – it’s what hits the ears of the audience. And Jonnie’s vocals arrive in fine style.

Same with the guitars – it’s easy to turn the amps up to eleven and thrash away, but nobody wants to listen to two guitarists fighting to hear themselves above the din coming from the backline. The guitars on these tracks are well-defined and compliment each other, and again – it’s surprising how many local rock bands don’t understand this basic truth.

All in all, I like these guys. Favorite track is probably Silverline, whilst the more stop-start rhythm of Bittersweet made it hardest to get into.

Catch them at


Black Cat Bones are: Jonnie Hodson – Lead Vocals; A. Rimmer – Lead / Rhythm Guitar; Adam Kerbache – Rhythm / Lead Guitar; Ash Janes – Drums; Jamie Hayward – Bass

Track listing:

  • Highway Man
  • One More Time
  • Bittersweet
  • Creepin
  • Silverline

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