Music. It’s not just about making a sound.

It’s not even about making the right sound.

It’s about making your sound.



A Sound Impression exists to tell people about it. It’ll be fair, honest, and open. It’ll tell it like it is – or at least how it sounds

What you won’t get from us is an advertising page dressed up as a review.

If we like you, we will say so, and why.

If we don’t like you, be prepared for the honest truth.

Oh – and from time to time, we’ll throw in some gig reviews, and talk about some classic albums as well, to see how they are standing the test of time.

Who are Sound Impression?

We’re just music fans like yourself. Our INFO page will tell you more.

How do you get a review?

Easy. Just fill in the form on the CONTACT US page, and we’ll be in touch!



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